Jason Ikeler


“I meowed a song with Ke$ha”

Sansanné-Mango FROZEN:  I love frozen yogurt.  I like it when they do it for you.  Whenever I make it myself it’s never good.

buy Lyrica in australia FOOD:  I love carbs.  I’m vegetarian.  I just don’t like meat.  I love Italian food.  And coffee.

https://www.pme-he.ch/1602-dtgf30228-site-francais-gay.html FRUIT OF THE VINE:  Chardonnay or Rosé.  I’ll just drink cheap Trader Joe’s wine though.  I love Malibu Wines; I want to become a member.

where can i purchase Pregabalin  FRAGRANCE:  Love the smell of pumpkin bread.  I’m so basic, but I love any pumpkin smell.  Fall smells.  Or coffee.  Love the smell of coffee.


FASHION:  I always wear colorful button ups and skinny jeans and like some sort of loafers.  I always say I wake up every morning and decide if I want to be Taylor Swift or Demi Lovato.  This is so dumb (laughs).  I used this answer when I interviewed for Urban Outfitters. I got the job off that interview.

F WORD:  F**k, is that too bad?  Fancy, I love fancy.  Like Reba fancy, not Iggy Azalea fancy.

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