I met Jill a couple of years ago in the studio where I used to work out.  She was in living in LA for the summer… around the corner from the studio.  With a free spirit and easy going personality, a friendship wasn’t hard to begin.  She has her own colorful style, which I haven’t seen on anyone else, and she’s very in tune with spirituality and healthy living.  It amazes me that she’s younger than I am but has a mature aura surrounding her.  Her beautiful face and gorgeous curly hair (I’m so jealous!) has been in ads for buy cheap neurontin online Nike and amoxicillin 500mg buy online uk Converse as well as graced the pages of Teen Vogue, Elle Girl Japan, Nylon Magazine, Seventeen, and The Source… so, naturally, I had to have her get in front of my camera.

On an overcast day last week, we walked down the streets of Brooklyn and then hopped on the subway to Manhattan.  In the midst of our photoventure, we managed to eat some really amazing tapas, kill a pitcher of red sangria, and name a squirrel Rodrigo.  Yes, we named a squirrel!






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