My First Few Night Shoots ME ON THE ROOF

Yea.  That’s me… at least 12 stories up, feet over the edge, taking a picture.  What we do in the name of photography!   I judge the awesomeness of a city by it’s lights and Downtown LA’s skyline has always tugged at my heart strings.  I can’t believe I’ve never attempted to take legit pictures of it before.  So when my fellow photographer friends, who own the night, asked me to go along for the ride… I said purchase Ivermectin HELL YEA!  My friends have absolutely NO FEAR when high up on top of buildings, but me…. Even though it doesn’t look like it, I was scared out of my freakin’ mind!  While the picture above was taken by Helder Baez, the following are all mine!

Farther away from the edge of the rooftop


The 110110 spaghettis

2nd Street TunnelTunnel Vision

Helder & Renne playing with lights at the LA RiverLA River

Train going past the LA River
LA River and Train

A couple days later, still having the itch for some more night shooting, I grabbed my camera at went out into the night.



The 101 and 110
Over the 110

Train Yard


the 10 to DTLA

Then last night, the guys and I headed out again.  It was soooo windy it was hard to keep the camera still (even on a tripod!) and it was so cold my fingers were freezing… but I managed to get these.



DTLA from Griffith Observatory



One of the coolest views of Los Angeles… Looking over MacArthur Park


Check out my friend’s pages to see their amazing pictures and them standing on the edge of it all…

Helder’s IG: @dtv_

Renne’s IG: @selfuprenne

Renne’s Tumblr:


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