While looking for some pictures to show my friends of my work, I dug into my archives and found the pictures I took of Ali.  I’ve known Ali for years, since middle school… but it wasn’t until high school that we began to get close.  And for a few years during college, she and a couple of our other close friends and I were pretty much inseparable.  That’s where we came up with the nicknames of Pearl.  It all stemmed from our favorite Will Ferrell Funny or Die skit, “The Landlord”, where Will’s landlord is this little girl named Pearl.  We just started calling each other that and somehow we all know which one of us were talking about when using it.  It’s amazing, I know.

I love Ali cause she’s a passionate person, whether it’s with her love for her family/friends, her desire to create (she just went back to school for graphic design!), or the music she jams out to in her car.  She doesn’t like to stay idle and she inspires me to keep creating, too.  She’s a proud Latina, rocks the short hair, and has THE longest eyelashes.  Check out her blog JuneSoul, too!


December 2012



 She shoots, too 🙂







“I’m getting outta here man. She’s nasty!”


  1. Ali says:

    This is so sweet thank you pearl. It’s only possible to inspire you because you have it all in you already. I can’t wait to see what you do with all your creativity and intelligence!

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