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Ugh, our 20’s; that in between from having a structured life (school) to choosing what we do with our time. Some of us went down the path of awesome-job-out-of-college to marriage and family, while others of us have dabbled here and there, finding our place in this world. Then there’s me, who can’t fathom sitting behind a desk in a traditional 9 to 5 (regardless of the financial stability) and cant understand how in college I could handle a full course load, work a few jobs, volunteer, and still have fun on the weekends… and now I can barley concentrate on two things at once. When I saw an ad about Cosmopolitan magazine’s Fun Fearless Life conference coming up, I thought that (while honestly I was skeptical about it being cheesy) why not? It starts with the letter F! I asked a few friends if they were willing to go to it, but no one was able to. I let the idea of it go to the back of my mind.

Fast-forward a couple months to where I quit my main-income job. The job had been eating at me for months and finally it was just time. I sat in front of my laptop job searching when I came across an email that more tickets had been released for the conference. After doing my research, I found a great deal on tickets AND since I didn’t have my schedule tied down to my job, I said F IT! NYC HERE I COME! Also, THANK YOU SOUTHWEST FLIGHT POINTS!

It was a great 2-day experience hosted by Cosmo’s Editor-in-Chief Joanna Coles, who is quit hilarious and wonderful with her British accent. There were speakers and panels with some amazing men and women who have stuck to their passions and worked their way up to the top. The cherry on top was the VIP cocktail party at the top of the Hearst Tower and the glorious amounts of Maybelline make up we scored.  I won’t go into a massive recap of the weekend because this post would be forever, but here are some pictures and important notes I took away from some of the speakers.  *excuse the quality of some of the pictures, I didn’t bring the appropriate lenses… whoops*



 Day 1

IMG_0206Sara Blakely: creator of Spanx

Thank God for cellulite!  Attitude and drive, those are the two things YOU control.  Look at something that’s been around and change it.  Care the most.”

IMG_0222Leading the Find Your Power panel, Executive Editor at Cosmo: Leslie Yazel

1. Senior Wallstreet Woman: Sallie Krawcheck  “Don’t underestimate what YOU can bring to someone who you want to mentor you.

2. Chairman/COO of Atlantic Records: Julie Greenwald  “I still work my tush off; no job is too small or too big… be vulnerable.

3. FOX News: Megyn Kelly  “Stand out, be strong and don’t waste energy on negativity. Being vulnerable has the opposite affect than what you think.  Don’t worry.

IMG_0231Clinical Phycologist: (you might have seen her TED talk): Dr. Meg Jay (she’s the blonde)

A wise man makes their own luck.  New things come from the outside, when we limit ourselves to like-minded people, there are no new ideas.  Claim what you want and be acountable!

IMG_0246Social Psychologist (you may have seen her TED talk, too): Amy Cuddy

Fake it till you become it!

IMG_0254Leading the Building Your Brand panel, Editor of Cosmopolitan.com: Amy Odell

1.  Comedian/Vlogger: Grace Helbig “My many not ‘real jobs’ gave me great ideas for improv and skits.  Do what you enjoy.  You disservice yourself when you apologize [for being yourself].

2.  CEO of Twitter: Dick Costolo Be authentic

IMG_0260Founder of Origami Owl Bella Weems with Joanna Coles.

She created her company when she was 14!  At the VIP cocktail party, there was a table where we could make our own Origami Owl Living Locket.  I wanted to fill mine with every charm I felt screamed ME (a cupcake, a wine bottle, a football, a music note, a suitcase…) but I was told they would not all fit.  So I settled for a a few stars, a plane, an emerald Swarovski crystal (my birthstone), the letter F, an anchor, and two plates, one that reads faith and one that reads love.  See iPhone pic:


IMG_0276Leading the Create Your Future panel, senior style reporter & columnist for The Wall Street Journal: Elizabeth Holmes

1.  Cofounder/President of Her Campus Media: Windsor Hanger  “Find people who compliment you…  Build business THEN friendship.”

2.  Founder/Owner of Nasty Gal: Sophia Amoruso

3.  Chef/Founder/Owner of Milk Bar: Christina Tosi  “Hard work and humility.  Mean it.  You have to put yourself out there.”

IMG_0315The gorgeous and hilarious Chrissy Teigen lead the Manthropology panel.  She started with, “So d**k pics?”  I didn’t jot notes down during this panel cause I was too busy laughing!

1.  Freelance Writer: Logan Hill

2.  Author/Inspirational speaker: Matthew Hussey

3.  Comedian: Jordan Carlos

IMG_0332Leading the Make Your Mark panel, SVP of global communications at Donna Karan International: Aliza Licht

1.  E! News: Alicia Quarles  “Remember, it’s your dream!  Keep a great team around you.”

2.  Actor: Shay Mitchell  “The character for Emily Fields was originally supposed to have red hair and freckles [so always give everything a try].  Great things ARE happening [not ‘will’].”

3.  VP of Marketing for Maybelline:  Anne Marie Nelson-Bogle  “It may seem like a mountain at the time… but it’s about breaking it down into bite sized challenges where you have accomplishments along the way.”

IMG_0346Life Coach/Author: Tara Mohr

Day 2

IMG_0374Morning Fitness with Tara Stiles (founder of Strala) and Adam Rosante (fitness expert)

Adam: “Decide what you want.  Make it crystal clear.  Tie massive emotion to your goals.

IMG_0404Joanna led the Hot & Healthy panel.

1.  Doctor/Author Jennifer Ashton

2.  She kicks your butts in work outs: Jillian Michaels

3. Jack of all trades: Kelly Osbourne

IMG_0411Wonder JunkieJason Silva

They say were not living in the moment when we are on our phones but Instagram is living in the moment to anticipate a memory.

IMG_0419Joanna with CEO of LearnVest: Alexa von Tobel 

Divide your money into 50% essentials, 20% future (savings), and 30% fun stuff.

IMG_0432Joanna with Cofounder/CEO of Levo: Caroline Ghosn

IMG_0456The Express Yourself panel led by Cosmo’s Special Projects Director: Laura Brounstein.

1.  Director of Hispanic Media: Katherine Vargas

2.  Editor/Chief of Refinery29: Christene Barberich

3.  Chief Marketing Officer at Express: Liz Crystal

IMG_0490Joanna leads the Change the World panel.

1.  Editor in Chief of Cosmopolitan Latina: Michelle Herrera Mulligan

2.  CEO/Founder of The Pinnacle Group: Nina Vaca  If you want to create change, go to where the power lies.  Do not beat yourself up, you can be what you can’t see.

3.  Founder of Black Girls Rock: Beverly Bond

4.  Actor: Gabrielle Union

IMG_0508Author/Founder of HerFuture: Gabrielle Bernstein

You need to unlearn fear based stories… just have to switch the reel.  What you do not bring forth will destroy you.

IMG_0516Ended the day with an awesome performance of her song “Ex’s & Oh’s” from Elle King

The VIP Cocktail Party

I missed half the cocktail party due to an everything-that-could-go-wrong-did couple of hours in the city, but I made it in time so snag some drinks, make a necklace, mingle with amazing people as well as snap 2 pictures LOL!

IMG_6042Michelle Herrera Mulligan & Me

IMG_6044With my new friends, Veronica Enriquez & Michelle Collins

(proof that I can’t trust anyone else to take pictures for me BLURRYYYY)



  1. Dabay says:

    So proud of your pearl. Chase them dreams! I love the necklace too, think imma have to make me one of those 🙂

    I read a book by Gabrielle Bernstein a few months back and she is amazing. So jealous you got to see her and Chrissy! Glad you had fun!

  2. Ali says:

    Amazing. This is so interesting I’m glad you went! You look so good in that dress by the way! Keep it up, I love the Francesca I’ve been seeing!

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