Tristan Herbert


 “A good idea can be given [to someone], but if a person isn’t driven… it’s just a wasted thought.”

FAVORITE CARTOON:  Believe it or not, Sponge Bob

FOOD:  If I’m cooking, it’s crab legs and jambalaya with shrimp.  I’m a big seafood lover.   And if I’m eating out, soul food: oxtail, mac n cheese, collard greens, and stuff like that.  Soul food or seafood.

FÚTBOL & FOOTBALL:  Real Madrid & Carolina Panthers

F WORD:  Can’t say that.

FEMALE:  Supportive is #1.  She must support my goals/dreams cause that’s gonna push me to go harder and vise versa.  I’ll do the same for her…  Ambitious. Fun. Adventurous. Non smoker.

FEELING FAMOUS:  I’ve done a lot of Hooter girl’s cases.  They tell me they see other girls with my cases at their pageants, like 6 girls will have them.

FOOT WEAR:  I don’t really wear Jordans. I’ll wear New Balance 574’s or De La Soul Nikes.

FIRST DRAWING:  I was just learning how to make characters [on the computer]… Michael Jordan.  Someone told me it looked like Shaq.  I’m warning you it wasn’t great.

image*Image of MJ provided by Tristan Herbert

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