IMG_7500Before we started shooting, I asked Eman how comfortable she was in front of a camera.  While she interviews celebs all day on the Red Carpet, sometimes it can feel different posing in front of a still camera.  She said she was a little bit nervous cause she hasn’t done a shoot in a long time, but clearly she’s an amazing liar.  From the very first click of the shutter, I felt like Eman walked out of a magazine straight in front of my camera.

This beautiful friend of mine was born in Ethiopia, raised in Canada, and has amazing skin that looks like she’s airbrushed at all times.  She recently went to Thailand to start off her travel mini series, Travel Snapshot.  Our travels this day started with the Arts District (duhhhhh!) a la Red Carpet chic and then headed to the train tracks.  While she’s stunning dressed up, she came to life in her Chucks.  Enjoy!









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