Waverly Coleman


“When I was big, I was not reading… I was eating. I was not feeding my brain, I was feeding myself. (Laughs)”

FAMILY: What I like about being an only child is that I don’t have to share my parents. It’s taught me a lot of independence. I don’t have brothers or sisters to rely on when I’m upset at my mom. I have to figure it out with her or by myself. But if I could have brothers and sisters, I think I’d want 1 brother and 1 sister.

FOOD: Sushi & lobster. For sure. I could eat sushi everyday. Literally everyday. I tell my friends every time, “don’t ask me what I want to eat cause you’ll know the answer is usually sushi!”

FEMALE INSPIRATION: Totally my mom. She’s fearless in a lot of ways. The only thing I could say is that I’m disappointed in her for not starting her catering company full on. She’ll do things for me and cater for [friend’s events] but she needs a food truck or a cute little restaurant like Joan’s on Third. She needs a place because she cooks so well! She’s one of the bests! No one’s eaten her food and didn’t like it. Ever! I think I’m just going to have to buy her a restaurant.

BRUNCH FASHION: It’s always a dress or a skirt. I don’t know why! I like a lot of glitter and gold. For my next brunch I saw this gold dress [I want to buy].  I’ll probably wear that with a shawl and some strappy heels.

FITNESS: My choice would be to hike. I love to hike! It’s like my church.  I like trails at Griffith and Eaton Canyon.

FUN TIME: Happy hour drinks and going to dance some reggae. I love reggae! Traveling is fun when you can afford to do it. That’s my goal to travel more. I have to. That’s what’s missing from my life.


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