Alexia Clincy

LexTopia by Francesca

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FOOD: I love Italian and I love seafood. And I get crab legs every time they’re on sale. I was once on a “VIP list” for crab legs at a store in Maryland. The dude would call me every time they were on sale. That’s how serious it was.

FANCY FEAST: I like entertaining, and now that my brother and I live together, we’ll cook. You’ll see it on Snapchat. But, I like going out to eat a lot, too. I like Yardhouse. I’ve never been disappointed. It’s a chain place, but you still feel like you’re somewhere special. Everything I’ve had there is good. My brother moved to LA before me and had his first meal there. He texted me like, “when you get here we gotta go to this place.” It’s almost like a special thing.

FAMILY: We’re super close. My dad’s mushy and calls me every day like, “I just want to tell you I love you.”

FRECKLES: I never got teased. There was nothing I ever really got teased about, except for being nerdy maybe. I never realized they were that unique. In fact, when I put on make up I don’t want to hide them.

FUTURE DESTINATION: You know how I write stuff down all the time? In my book, the first page says “Morocco 2015.” Obviously that didn’t happen. I just went to Colombia. I think next is Morocco or some country in Africa. Then Asia. My brother lives in Korea.

FUN FACT: I used to be a kleptomaniac. I took a scarf once and the next day I woke up with a rash on my hands. I was like, God now I see! God I get it! So dramatic! I was like, I’m not going to steal anymore. I can be a little villain-y. If I had to choose between being a super hero or being a villain, I’d be a super villain.

FASHION: My fashion sucks, man. I’m either in jeans and a tee shirt or in a suit. It’s just easy. I don’t know how to dress casual cool. If anyone’s a stylist, let me know! I wanna dress like Claire Underwood [the character in House of Cards].

FITNESS: I don’t do enough [physical activity]. I need to figure it out. I danced until I was in college. I did ballet, tap dance, and that stuff. I kind of want to get back into it.