My good friend, Rya, from college is having a baby and I wanted to give her the gift of maternity photos.  We decided on having a session at a picturesque beach (El Matador) in Malibu in her beautiful two piece outfit from Free People.  We had no idea what we were getting ourselves into.  First, it was the weekend and (obviouslyEVERYONE was at this beach.  And not only just regular beach goers, but there was at least 10 different photoshoots going on.  Second, the beach’s shore is naturally a small one.  We didn’t think about high tide… and, boy was it high.  Waves crashing on the rocks, mist on my lenses, peoples flip flops floating away…  My bladder almost lost control on a few occasions from laughing so hard at everything going on.  Rya was a real trooper.  She started with her hair straight, and after a few huge waves, her natural curls came free.  Most of the shoot she was soaking wet and being watched by everyone passing by.  But, even with all the craziness, I captured some shots of her and her baby girl-to-be that I hope they will cherish for ever.












  1. Linda Gaines Jackson says:

    Absolutely gorgeous!! Congrats again Rya and to your mom my dear friend, welcome to the world of Grand -parenting, you will absolutely LOVE IT…Linda

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