After a much needed wet winter for Southern California, a wildflower super bloom exploded all over hills and valleys that normally were brown.  Lately I’ve barely had time to create, but I had to witness this. I texted Nikki a couple days before my only day off and asked if she was down for the impromptu adventure.  So on a beautiful Sunday last month, we hopped in my car (with Lulu) and headed out to Lake Elsinore, about an hour out from Los Angeles.

Wildflowers were everywhere.  We could see huge orange patches taking over the green hills (so weird to see GREEN HILLS) and purple bunches all alongside the freeway on our drive.  It was beautiful!  We finally arrived to Walker Canyon, along with everyone else having their mini photoshoots!  It was a maze of people but we managed to find a little spot we could stay in and snap away.  While we were shooting, Lulu was wondering around and photobombing everyone else’s pictures.  I wish I saved pictures of her doing that.  Thankfully, everyone thought she was a cute addition to their pictures so I wasn’t too worried.  After the sun starting setting, we moved to another little spot with less poppies.  Enjoy the pictures of this beautiful lady & the spring flowers!

That’s Lulu looking for the next picture to photobomb.


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