Y’all must know by now my favorite place to shoot.  So when Mishelle suggested she wanted to look more bohemian-ish, I knew it was time to switch the concrete up for some nature.  We met at Griffith Park and walked about up a trail to where the Old LA Zoo sits abandoned.  I found out my favorite movie has parts filmed here and wanted to get into the same area.  BUT there was a film crew (go figure) so we walked up a bit past them.  I think this was the same weekend as weekend one of Coachella, so it felt like Coachella in the “woods” rather than the desert.  Mishelle was down to go into the old cages as well as sit the middle of grass with spiky things, making for some pretty pictures.  I am so happy with the results for stepping outside my Art District comfort zone.

IMG_8406 IMG_8403





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