Impromptu ABDC Shoot


Moving past the fact that it has been extremely long since I posted…  My friend Ray and I were talking over some Yogurtland (duh!) the other day.  He’s been working on some visual stuff for some of the dancers on MTV’s America’s Best Dance Crew.  I loved watching that show (and wishing I could move like those groups) since it’s debut in 2008 and had no idea the show came back for an extra season.  He mentioned he would be with a couple dancers on Saturday shooting some video for a promo and that if I wanted to swing on by, I should.

Driving up the street, I realized the address Ray had given me wasn’t needed.  It was kind of hard to miss the two girls in colorful tutus, even if the street was beyond busy.  Amongst the passing cars and people pulling over to take pictures of The Hollywood Sign in the background, Airi from We Are Heroes walks past a old school yellow car (not pictured)… ON HER HANDS… as Hiroka “Hero” tells her to “go again” in Japanese.  Totally normal.

I had actually arrived at the end of their shoot, as the sun seemed to continue to grow hotter (I think it was 108 that day!) and their time with Seven‘s sweet, baby blue Chevy Impala (ugh, I forgot the year) was coming to a close.  I asked if the girls wouldn’t mind sweating just a bit longer (like, literally just 20 minutes cause it was that hot) because I had a place I wanted to shoot them.  Hiro and Airi were the sweetest people ever and here’s a couple pictures from that day.  Enjoy!


Seven, his beautiful friend, Hero, Ray, Airi, & Chevy.


Hero founded We Are Heroes which was ABDC‘s first (and only) all girls crew to win on the show!


Thought I’d play with some black & white on this one…


Airi came from Japan for this season of ABDC.



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