Impromptu ABDC Shoot


Moving past the fact that it has been extremely long since I posted…  My friend Ray and I were talking over some buy Gabapentin online us Yogurtland (duh!) the other day.  He’s been working on some visual stuff for some of the dancers on buy Depakote tablets MTV’s America’s Best Dance Crew.  I loved watching that show (and wishing I could move like those groups) since it’s debut in 2008 and had no idea the show came back for an extra season.  He mentioned he would be with a couple dancers on Saturday shooting some video for a promo and that if I wanted to swing on by, I should. Continue reading →



Gotta love san francisco sugar daddy dating Los Angeles.  A city where beauty and talent come from all over to live the women seeking men pennsylvania California Dream.  Whitney is originally from St. Vincent & the Grenadines (jealous) and lived in Texas before heading out to LA to pursue acting.  Of course, after she danced as a Ben-Gals cheerleader (she’s a Cowboys fan though grrr). Continue reading →


IMG_7500Before we started shooting, I asked Eman how comfortable she was in front of a camera.  While she interviews celebs all day on the Red Carpet, sometimes it can feel different posing in front of a still camera.  She said she was a little bit nervous cause she hasn’t done a shoot in a long time, but clearly she’s an amazing liar.  From the very first click of the shutter, I felt like Eman walked out of a magazine straight in front of my camera. Continue reading →



Excited to get the New Year rolling on my blog, I asked my friend Waverly (I just realized how many of my friends have really cool names) if she was free to catch up.  We first became friends on Twitter and I have photographed a couple events for her over the years.  While I have known her for about half a decade, I realized so much has changed for her and I didn’t know the details!   Continue reading →